Did you know it’s never too early to start brushing? This is the message Lancashire County Council tasked us with promoting across the areas in Lancashire suffering with poor oral health in children.

In some areas of Lancashire over 40% of children have decayed or missing teeth by the time they are five years old. That’s a worrying statistic! So, what can be done to change it?

Lancashire County Council Public Health’s ‘Let’s Get Lancashire Brushing’ Campaign aims to target families living in Preston, Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn, and Morecambe who have children under the age of two. Through powerful graphics and effective messaging, families with young children are being motivated to start brushing their child’s teeth, twice a day, as early as possible.

Oral Health - David, Sakthi, Rachael

The campaign aims to achieve a reduction in the number of decayed, missing and filled teeth in children, a reduction in hospital admissions related to oral health and an improvement of oral health for children from birth to five years old to provide them with the best start in life.

Our strategy included educational resources in the form of leaflets, information cards and posters, digital assets including email signatures and screensavers, display material to be utilised at events such as the Family Hub launches, a thorough social media advertising plan and external advertising through bus shelters across the campaigns key target areas.

Our own David Bennett joined the Oral Health campaign launch. Attending the launches at Family Hubs across Lancashire, the Oral Health stand offered a chance for families to gain knowledge around the campaign as well as the opportunity to receive educational resources and promotional items in the form of toothbrush packs and sippy cups.

The oral health of children is vital for them to live a healthy and happy life. They need their teeth for eating, drinking, smiling, talking, singing, and shouting. This does not happen on its own and they need your help to look after their teeth. So, remember brush twice a day, fight tooth decay and keep those bugs at bay!

For more information about the campaign or for Health Marketing expertise, please get in contact by either calling us on 01282 858200 or emailing us at info@creativeworld.co.uk.