Smile For Life

Darwenside Dental – Family Care

Safeguard your child’s smile for the future

Creativeworld worked with long standing client Darwenside Dental to create a brand & marketing campaign to positively change outcomes in the Blackburn with Darwen region.

In recent times it has become alarmingly clear that children from Blackburn with Darwen have some of the worst decayed teeth in the United Kingdom. The teeth of five-year-olds in Burnley, Hyndburn, and Pendle are almost as bad. Across the four boroughs scarcely half make it to school without fillings or any teeth removed.

It is a shared objective of the Starting Well initiative, Smile4Life, Darwenside Dental and Creativeworld to help improve dental health of 0-5-year olds in the Darwen area to positively address the above outcomes and help gain a better reputation for healthy smiles.

As part of the strategy to achieve this objective, we produced a variety of marketing outcomes in collaboration with Darwenside Dental as part of the campaign including:

  • New ‘Family Care’ Brand to promote best practice for all the family to look after their smiles
  • New ‘Family Care’ Web page
  • Engagement with Schools, Nurseries & Early Care providers in the Blackburn with Darwen area to schedule Practice visits
  • Take Home ‘Packs’ for children to include Rewards Charts / Stickers, 2 Minute Brushing Timers, Toothpaste / Brushes and Fun Informational Leaflets
  • Promotional Campaign posters to advertise in the community
  • Targeted Social Media campaigns


  • Deliverables below
  • Reward Chart & Stickers
  • Dedicated Web Page
  • Information Leaflet
  • Internal Signage
  • Campaign Posters
  • Social Media Campaign & PR
  • Creation of Family Care Brand

Darwenside Dental – Family Care