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Recently Creativeworld partnered with all4maternity to co-create, design and build a sophisticated new digital platform, designed to drive engagement with maternity workers across the globe.


Through the co-creation stages we engaged with potential users and key stakeholders to fully understand the needs of the learning and progressive midwives, students and maternity workers. In the initial stage the group identified a number of gaps in the market which could be used as an opportunity to help advance the educational development for Midwives across the globe.

From this point we commenced the design process, again working closely with a dedicated team of potential users and innovators.

This saw the birth of a new website. The site has been developed in WordPress, in order for the project to be future proof we advised this as the direction of the solution, based on the strategy of the client for the next 3-5 years. The site allows easy navigation and has been launched in several languages around the world.



At the heart of the project we looked to consider the users and their journey through the site; some come to learn, some to share and some to simply develop their essential knowledge about learning and caring. The objective was to deliver a solution like no other, to elevate the user’s experience continually, enable them to belong to a community that they could engage with and help further their own development at the same time. The site has now become the go to place for every maternity worker. It was key to ensure that the site would be able to deliver the information whilst maintaining easy navigation throughout.


The solution, which enables users to review articles from the past five years of archived content from its sister publication – The Practising Midwife, contains over 500 pages of essential support and relevant articles on various subjects relating to midwifery work. It also includes a full e-learning module library that is video based, enabling users to contribute these tests towards their CPD qualification. This is also an area for sharing experiences which has been created along with a repository of content from all around the globe. Through the integration of an e-commerce solution, members can purchase items from the online shop, place orders for monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions.


The web solution was launched at The Royal College of Midwives conference. For which we created a modular design system with a digital display integrated within the system. This brand-new exhibition system was designed to complement the features and benefits of the web solution. It also received high acclamation at the conference with over 1500 visitors to the stand during the two days and almost 400 subscribers joining the community that week.

With over 100,000 visits each month to the site, 20,000 of which being unique visits, the site has been an amazing success since the launch in October 2017. To date, the site has over 3000 subscribers, which also includes 560 free subscriptions gifted to midwives in low income countries as part of their one4one commitment to the global need.

A digital marketing campaign is currently running to support the promotion of the opportunities available to potential members, with over 20,000 facebook live views and almost 20,000 engagements on social media! The goals for the first year were achieved within the first 4 months of launch!